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Modern Bathroom Designs

In the recent era, different bathroom styles bring luxury in an individual’s private space. These bathroom designs give a sense of tranquillity and peace with its warm and inviting look.Thus, having a luxury bathroom on your patio adds a contemporary touch to your interior space. Using bright coloured tiles with proper lighting can often add a unique edge and give a timeless finish to your bathroom.


Giving attention to every detail often adds luxury and sophistication to your private space combined with perfect harmony.

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Different Bathroom Style – (Contemporary, three-quarter style, Mediterranean Style)

The sharp angles, as well as clean designs, can often work wonders in the small space available. The unique materials that are commonly used for contemporary bathrooms often include plastic and laminates. This doesn’t mean that this kind of bathrooms cannot feature traditional materials; it is just that the up-to-date designs make them ideal for incorporating these modern materials.

Three quarter style bathrooms are often designed around utility purpose. The shower, sink and toilet often look simple and basic. The bathroom space needs to look bright with interesting tile work, decorative lights, updated fixtures and a dramatic mirror. Thus, three quarter style bathrooms are a combination of comfort and functionality that perfectly take care of the daily bathroom activities.

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Mediterranean Bathroom Designs

Mediterranean style bathrooms often take its inspiration from the country side homes which are adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. This style is developed over several centuries and reflects the era and culture of several countries. This unique style is inspired by the natural colours and beauty of this Mediterranean region. The key element of Mediterranean style bathrooms is the tile.

Terracotta style tiles are mostly used on cabinets, sink tops, counters as well as showers. These tiles are available in matte and glossy finishes. Bathroom cabinets, benches as well as chairs are often painted in typical Mediterranean colours such as blue, yellow, and rust that adds a bright and lively element to the interior.

What style would be the best in Melbourne

The three-quarter style would be best suited for bathrooms in Melbourne.

This style combined with smart functionality and beautiful work gives a stunning addition to your interior space.

The detailing with improved ergonomics and space co-ordination will give your bathroom the magical appearance at the best possible price.

These bathroom designs will not only stand alone but will also enhance your lifestyle and offer convenience to every individual staying in the house.

Factors you should remember before choosing a particular style

Melborune Bathroom designers always look at specific details and consider certain factors before choosing bathroom designs.


Firstly the availability of space plays the most important role in this regard.


Secondly, a shower base is an important component for your bathroom; there are mainly three possible options such as tiled, polymarble or a shower over the bath.


Thirdly, choosing wall tiles is an integral part of your bathroom construction. Once the wall tiles are finalised, you need to decide on the bathroom vanity.

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