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Eaglemont Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Living in a period home makes the process of change a little more challenging. You are appreciative of the privilege you have to live within the walls of a structure that has more than a little history attached to it, but you also recognise the need to enhance the comfort and efficiency factor for your family.

Kitchen Renovation Expertise in Eaglemont

A kitchen renovation in Eaglemont often requires thinking outside the box so that the original structure is protected and the aesthetic that you enjoy so much is preserved. Finding a way to incorporate modern conveniences and touches that will deliver a whole new perspective is work that requires professional eyes.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations in Eaglemont

Here at Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms, we have worked on homes of all kinds in the past 14 years. We believe in making it possible for homeowners living in all kinds of structures should be afforded the same conveniences that are accessible to more modern homes. While many showrooms have great concepts, few are registered HIA builders that can implement these concepts into homes of all kinds.

When you choose to engage our services, you can feel confident in our ability to not only create a wonderful concept that gets you excited but follow through on that promise with the building expertise and the highest standard of craft.

Where to Find Inspiration When You Don’t Know How to Begin

A home that has lasted decades takes on its own feeling and it inhabits a certain rigid space in our minds. Living in a period home can often make it difficult to see how different things could be, without necessarily altering the overall atmosphere and aesthetic.

If you find yourself in a position where you recognise that change is necessary, but you struggle to see how best to move forward, then speaking with the designers here at Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms is a sure-fire way to find the inspiration that you need. We have heaps of experience bringing new life to old homes and we approach each project with the same care and consideration we would afford our own properties.

Undertaking a kitchen renovation at your Eaglemont residence may make you nervous initially, but we want you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible in the decision that you make throughout the process. We are a team that listens to what you want, who want to know what your preferences are and then work with you to achieve a design that really impresses.

We understand the need to be absolutely respectful to your property and you can take comfort in the knowledge that our many years has allowed us to curate a list of tradies and professionals that can achieve the very best standards in your home without placing it at risk.

What Sets Us Apart?

What past clients really loved about our approach is our desire to collaborate. As we see it, this is your home that we want to help improve and so we put our customers at the heart of the process. This means that your preferences inform everything we do.

Our out of the box thinking and attention to detail never fail to please our clients, because they respectively open up new possibilities and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations in Eaglemont don’t come much better than what the team here at Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms can achieve for you. Drop into our showroom in Hawthorn East or get in touch with us to book an appointment that suits.

In our hands, the future of your period home is one that affords you efficiency, comfort and an entirely unique aesthetic.

At Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms we understand that your kitchen or bathroom design and renovation is an important investment for you, so quality and attention to detail are absolutely paramount.


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