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We’re excited about the investment potential of suburbs like Bulleen.  This is a growing suburb with many new constructions going up, reflecting Melbourne’s expanding population.  As the population continues to grow, we can expect to see more families drifting north from the city centre, and that’s very good news for homeowners who may eventually wish to sell their properties.But even those who are firmly committed to staying in place, with no intention of selling, it is still good news, and we’ll tell you why.  Increased demand equals increased valuations, and increased valuations means more equity for you.

Bathroom Renovations Bulleen

Property equity is a really precious commodity, almost equivalent to having extra cash in your pocket.  When you have good equity in your home, this lets you draw down money to meet whatever needs you may have, and therefore you never need to worry too much about a financial crisis.  That is the kind of stress-free living that everyone should strive for.

What makes places like Bulleen so great is that all this expected financial gain will happen without any real effort.  People are just going to come out there looking to buy, and as long as there are not too many people selling, the prices will hold up and even increase.

The people who will benefit most from this situation are those who purchased the newer constructions that we talked about earlier.  For those who own older houses, it is a very different story.

In particular, many of the bathrooms of Bulleen are a disgrace.  That’s a strong way to state the case, but unfortunately it is true.  Pretty much any bathroom built before 1980 is likely to have multiple issues of concern.  Some of these are merely cosmetic, but others could even be causing health problems for your family.

Because this is such a serious and widespread problem, you should talk to professional bathroom designers in Bulleen as soon as you possibly can to find out what you can do about this problem.

It is definitely not something you ought to wait to do, because as we said the health of your family could be at stake.  Plus of course all the things we said about the investment potential, because nothing will add more value to your home than updating the bathroom.  It really is an investment where you can’t lose and you win all the way.

With expert advice and guidance, you can find the right solution to meet the needs of your family, protect their health, and increase the equity value of your home.

We recommend you contact one of the best known bathroom builders in Bulleen, Ultimate Kitchens  or call 03 9882 4103.

At Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms we understand that your kitchen or bathroom design and renovation is an important investment for you, so quality and attention to detail are absolutely paramount.


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