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Today’s homes are all about evoking themes, styles and general vibes. Creating a space that best represents your own essence and personality, can make your home that much comfortable. Specific rooms are transformed into art projects, with designers finding unique ways to use the space they’re working with. Bathrooms, for one, have now become a staple interior design project for most homes. With a variety of dimensions, storage needs and, themes to choose from, redecorating your bathroom may just be the most exciting interior design project you can undertake.

Bathrooms South Yarra

Interior design offers a variety of themed options when it comes to creating a unique space. Whether the room is big or small, there surely lies potential for transformation and unique conceptualization. Some of the more basic interior design themes include minimalism, classic, rustic, retro, maverick, contemporary, high-tech and, elegant country. Based on the look you’re aiming to achieve, each theme can take on a life of its own in a special way within your home with the help of the best bathroom designers South Yarra has to offer.

Bathroom Design: Initial Considerations

One of the initial considerations that homeowners must take into account is the resell value of their homes. In order to keep homes competitive in the real estate market, it’s best to build and maintain a home that accommodates to the needs of today’s families. On that note, it’s best to have a full understanding of the space you have on hand in order to see how you may maximize its potential. Decide on the amount of storage space you’d like to have and, in turn, what others might be seeking for in the near future. Common requests for bathrooms include, double bathroom sinks, walk-in showers, large bathtubs and, vanity storage space.

Further, before redecorating, make sure you have a keen understanding of the bathrooms layout and storage capacity. Layout has been proven necessary in providing your home with considerable resell value. That is, if your family prefers showering rather than bathing, you may just want to omit a bathtub altogether. On the other hand, be sure to have enough space for one in your bathroom so that future homeowners may have the ability to incorporate one. You can also take an easier route and include shower and bathtub combos, which accommodates all preferences.

Storage space is another important aspect of the redecorating process. Essentially, vanities have become more popular in helping homeowners with efficient and clean storage. Always think about how you can fit more into your bathroom as efficiently as possible. This is an art in and of itself and a well implemented storage space is highly sought after.

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