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Interior design has come a long way from the days of simple tweaks and minor adjustments to homes. In fact, the best bathroom designers Southbank offers have their own design tricks, which have made bathroom design a favourite project for homeowners in the region to undertake. With the amount of design resources and options available, it’s imperative to invest in designing a bathroom that captures the true essence of your home and vibe.

Bathrooms Southbank

The most important aspect of today’s real estate market that anyone should consider is the resell value of their home.  Maintaining a home that remains competitive in the real estate market, will ensure that you are also creating a space that meets the needs of future buyers. Understand the space you have available to you and see how you can leverage it to its full potential. Work on the amount of storage space you’re looking for and have a clear picture of what others might want out of the same room as well. Trends in bathroom design show that double bathroom sinks, walk-in showers, large bathtubs, vanity storage space are all popular requests. If you can stay ahead of trends, you can also increase your resell value.

Today’s Necessities: Layout & Storage

Definitively, the two most important aspects of your bathroom space to consider prior to redecorating are its layout and potential for storage space. Layout is necessary as it provides your home with a considerable resell value. For example, your family might generally prefer bathing instead of showering which, in this case, might encourage you to invest in a comfortable bathtub. However, remember that an easily removable bathtub, or freestanding one, might be useful for those families who prefer showers or would like to use that particular space differently. Or, to cover all grounds, you can include shower and bathtub combos. In this case, consider the permanency of all redecorating projects, as this might affect how easily you can sell your home in the future.

Possibly one of the most obvious motives for redecorating a bathroom is to improve on storage space. In fact, storage accessories, vanities, bins and closets are becoming increasingly popular, helping provide homeowners with clean storage. It’s necessary to consider how you can maximize your bathroom space as efficiently as possible, in order to reduce clutter and keep the room as organized as possible.

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