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Kitchen Renovation Essendon

When contemplating a significant change to your home it is important to give careful consideration to several areas. Key among those considerations should be the question of who will carry out the work and how certain you are that they are trustworthy.

The Benefits Of Working With A Professional Designer

Where a layperson or a tradesperson with limited experience in renovation could do a mediocre job at remodelling your home, a professional designer can capture your lifestyle and daily use of your living space.

If you cook often and love to try new kitchen recipes, you will inevitably use many cookbooks and equipment. A designer will consider this when laying out plans for refurbishment, as well as your other personal preferences and lifestyle choices.

With a professional designer, you will reap the rewards of a library of creative ideas to achieve what you are looking for. A great designer can also act as a sounding board for your ideas and suggestions to see how they might work in your new space.

Kitchen Renovations in Essendon

We have decades of combined professional experience in design, engineering, construction, joinery, plumbing and electrical wiring. We see our work as a process of collaboration with our clients and we relish the opportunity to bring your renovation ideas to fruition.

Our Services

First and foremost we can provide exceptional design and construction consultancy on your next project. We produce full precise working drawings, organise tradespeople, and provide first-rate project management that ensures your renovation is delivered on time, on budget, and just the way you imagined it.

We can complete technical work such as moving internal walls, replacing windows, upgrading roof insulation, running new electrical wiring and installing new hot water services.

In essence, we can supply any professional remodelling that you require and tailor our approach to best suit the structural limitations available space of your kitchen or bathroom. In some cases, it is even possible to reclaim space in a room that was previously lost in the original architecture of the house.


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