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The finer things in life always come equipped with splendid features some of which you didn’t even know you needed. This is especially true when it comes to that all important room of the house, the kitchen. The addition of a few timeless, classic kitchen features can bring an already well equipped kitchen to the next level. If you are considering a kitchen renovation, now is the time to consider going that extra step to make your kitchen even grander than you could have ever imagined. Read More

Kitchen Renovations Brighton

You may be surprised to know there are more than a few kitchen renovations in the Brighton area that have gone far beyond what is considered top end industry standard. Most features require a large amount of space to be able to incorporate properly. Creating space for a full bar equipped with plenty of bar stools for example. Another handy addition is a large, multi-purpose work table which will need a lot of space in itself as it is meant to be separate from the dining table. While these features will require a large amount of space as well as a significant financial investment, the increase in property value you typically get from kitchen renovation as well as the unique functionality you get, the features are well worth the substantial investment they require.

There are other features to invest in that any kitchen renovations designers in Brighton can recommend that are low cost or even cost saving solutions for your project. Lighting is an important consideration in this regard. Cutting corners will lead to disaster when it comes to lighting and you may have to pay a little more to get the right equipment and features that will make your kitchen really standout. The proper location of and the amount of lighting in a room is as important as having the ability to control the level of lighting via dimmer switches. These may seem like simple feature considerations, but make no mistake your lighting choices can give your kitchen that wow factor that it is missing.

Colour is another low cost consideration that should be carefully chosen. If you and your family are living in your house at the same time as the renovation is being done, your kitchen renovations builders in Brighton can recommend a non-toxic paint that is safer and less harmful than standard paint which contains ammonia. The biggest no no as far as colour is never go bright white especially for the flooring.

When you hire a qualified, professional designer, you can avoid many of the common design flaws that kitchens have as well as find ways of incorporating features that add both value and functionality to your home.

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