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Embarking on fitting a new kitchen – be it a partial remodelling, or a total refit – there are many big ticket items to consider, probably even to be decided on prior to thinking about the overall layout and design of your kitchen. Read More

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One such item is the type of hob you choose. There are many options available in this area to suit all needs, and each can give a different look to a kitchen, as well as providing different levels of functionality. As any of the professional kitchen builders in Armadale will agree, the first decision to be made is whether your hob should be gas or electric. Your final choice between the two will ultimately depend on practicalities such as what is your ease of access to sources of gas or electricity. But, although it’s obviously one of the more important considerations, that is only one of the choices to be made.

Gas Vs. Electric

Traditionally, gas hobs were considered to be a very clean way to cook, as the heat is very easily adjusted, to prevent overflow from boiling saucepan contents. Gas hobs are easy to dismantle and clean, and they are very responsive to adjustments in heat settings. Another option for a gas hob is to have a gas-on-glass hob, providing a surface that wipes clean very easily.

The more recent addition of the induction hob provides an electric solution that is just as easily cleaned as gas. It is also as responsive to changes in the temperature controls and will also avoid overflows and consequent staining. Induction hobs work on the principle of a magnetic seal being formed between the saucepan and the heat on the hob. This increases energy efficiency, in that only the exact amount of energy required for the surface of the pan is used, and it heats up very quickly. Just one point to note with an induction hob is that only certain types of pots and pans will work on this surface.

The more traditional ceramic hob is still a good choice if you are going electric as it’s easy to cook with, it provides quick heat, it looks attractive, and it’s typically extremely easy to maintain and keep in good condition. Of course, they do require more attention, as they are not as responsive to temperature control changes.

When considering these kinds of decisions, it makes sense to get expert advice and information as early as possible in the process if you want to make an informed choice. Residents who are looking for kitchens in Armadale are advised to visit Ultimate Kitchens. Based in East Hawthorn in Melbourne, you can call the most experienced builders and kitchen designers in Armadale today on 03 9882 4103.

At Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms we understand that your kitchen or bathroom design and renovation is an important investment for you, so quality and attention to detail are absolutely paramount.

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