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For most of us, remodelling a kitchen is a big decision, but there definitely comes a time when a revamp is needed. Having made the decision that it’s time for a change, and resigned yourself to some degree of disruption in your home, it makes sense to think about what you can do to keep your budget in check. Read More

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Predictably, the main wear and tear in most kitchens in Balwyn is on the work surfaces and kitchen cabinets. For that reason, just changing those, without a major redesign of the kitchen itself, can really give a kitchen a new lease of life. If you’re considering undertaking such a project, it should be possible to keep your existing appliances – these represent such a major investment, and quality appliances should last for years.

This may limit the possibility of significantly changing the layout of your kitchen, unless the appliances and associated fixtures and connections can’t be moved. Of course, moving appliances and the fixtures and fittings associated with them will mean more disruption in your kitchen, and require the involvement of more trades in the remodelling. The flooring around/under the appliances may also be affected, as will the walls and decor – tiles or splashbacks for example. Moving a cooker hood could also have a knock-on effect, if there are wall fixtures involved, leaving marks and/or holes in the walls.

All of that being said, with some thought and proper design, it should be possible to reconfigure your space, even if the appliances have to remain in situ. Of course if the appliances to be used are integrated units, then it’s very important to plan for that in choosing dimensions and style of cabinets and doors.

If change is what you’re after, and your budget is limited, even a small-scale project such as changing your cabinets, and counters, can have a big impact. Updating and upgrading your kitchen lighting will also enhance any changes you do make. In terms of functionality, there are many updated storage options that will make your kitchen a more pleasant and convenient workspace. Those small changes can have a big impact.

If you have fallen out of love with your kitchen, and it needs a facelift, then know that there are kitchen designers in Balwyn that can advise you on your best course of action. Experienced kitchen builders in Balwyn can also go through your options with you, taking in to account whatever restrictions or parameters you are operating within, be that space, or budget. Even a small remodelling job can benefit from advice on storage options, kitchen cabinet choices, and so on. Regardless of the extent of change required, the service provided by expert kitchen builders in implementing those changes will ensure a great outcome, with minimum disruption.

At Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms we understand that your kitchen or bathroom design and renovation is an important investment for you, so quality and attention to detail are absolutely paramount.

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