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Whether it is a new construction project or a renovation, how a designer approaches that project as well as the builder’s attitude should be the same. Everything is about the end result. Of course, building a new house from the ground up will afford the builder some luxuries not least of which is not having to worry about how the construction process affects the homeowner’s day-to-day life. However, the attitude of how the work is carried out should remain the same. The same attention to detail should go into the project regardless. Read More

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Many kitchens, even those newly built, suffer from inherent design and/or layout flaws and kitchens in Caulfield are no different. Often times the best way to approach a kitchen renovation is to look at it as if it were new construction. That is to say that in order to apply a fresh layout, you have to start from scratch. Rip everything out down to bare walls and floors and start anew. Using this method, a new kitchen can really give a home that wow factor it has been missing.

The layout of a kitchen is so important not only to the overall look of the room, but also to its functionality. Inherent design flaws such as the fridge opening the wrong direction, not enough counter space because appliances are too close together, or even an out of place island can cause the kitchen to lose much of the functionality that it by and large should have. With a fresh canvas, the designer can create a layout which utilizes the space in in such a way that it maximizes the usability and efficiency of the kitchen. It really comes down to the attitude of the designer and their approach to designing from the ground up as oppose to simply replacing what is there without considering current efficacy.

When choosing the right kitchen designer in Caulfield that fits your needs and is able to deliver the end result you desire, the attitude and approach of the company is an important consideration. The idea of starting with a blank slate is unfortunately lost on many kitchen builders in Caulfield and as such, the kitchen as well as the rest of the house, suffers for it. If you have a new project and you truly are starting from scratch, that is the best opportunity you can have to do things right the first time. Even still, with the right attitude, an old and/or poorly laid out kitchen can be transformed into the pinnacle of thought and planning, the end result that you have been wanting all along.

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