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Subtle finishing touches, or the lack there of, to many kitchens in Clifton Hill can turn a modern update into a downgrade in functionality and feel. Many a vain effort has been made by many a homeowner in the pursuit of applying cost cutting ideas to a kitchen renovation. While you may even be capable enough of carrying out your renovation yourself, and even if you somehow find the time to carry out the project in a reasonable amount of time, there will be some finishing aspects to your kitchen that only trained, professional kitchen designers in Clifton Hill will be able to know to implement. Read More

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Having poor lighting in the kitchen can spell disaster. From improperly prepared and cooked food, higher prevalence of knife nicks and other injuries, the reasons to have proper kitchen lighting are innumerable. An effective lighting design will have three modes of lighting that can be utilized both separately and simultaneously. General lighting should fully illuminate the entire room and is most used when many people are in the kitchen at the same time. Task lighting will focus more on your work areas providing spot lighting above all the important areas. Accent lighting will provide a smoother mood and add additional spot lighting to your arsenal of lighting options. Implementing each of these lighting designs to work together in harmony is vital to the usability and safety of your kitchen.

Leaving out features such as a backsplash or cabinet mouldings can leave your kitchen with a barebones, unfinished look. The backsplash protects a vital and much used part of your kitchen. While preparing all the delicious meals for you and your family, your food and ingredients will wind up touching, dirtying and sometimes staining the area at the back of your countertop. Even the best kitchen builders in Clifton Hill wouldn’t be able to find a way to protect this area without installing a backsplash. Mouldings are especially not to be left out in more contemporary designs where crown moulding is standard. Some cabinets require a bottom moulding in order to conceal the under cabinet lighting and can add character to even top quality cabinets.

Another very important and easily overlooked detail is ventilation. While it may be nice at times to have the sweet and savoury aromas of whatever you are cooking to waft throughout the house, discretion is sometimes required for stronger smelling or other special situations. Plenty of exterior windows in addition to an effective exhaust fan for your stove area, will not only keep your kitchen and your house well ventilated, but also help to prevent your kitchen from fading in the face of the harmful by products produced my simple and regular use.

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