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Clutter can creep into your life unexpectedly and unwillingly and the kitchen is the room that is more often not victimised by this the most detrimental of house plagues. For even the most skilful of kitchen designers in Fitzroy, working around an unmanageable amount of clutter is simply impossible. It is your house and if you want your designer to find a place for enough open shelving to display your entire collection of novelty cups, go right ahead. An important thing to keep in mind is that your kitchen builders in Fitzroy come to your home in order to improve it and not to clean and organise it. It goes without saying that your current kitchen cabinets and shelving need to be cleared out come the first day of your project. Your hoard of invaluable collector’s items are not as important to anyone else more than you so it is best to make sure everything is properly stored until your project is fully completed. Read More

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The aforementioned design feature, open shelving, is something that can be effectively implemented with discretion. Too much of it and you are simply creating space for unnecessary clutter. Use the concept of open shelving in moderation and only for some of your kitchen items that you can realistically keep together in an organised fashion. Glass doors can be utilized to keep an open look while maintaining a more reserved and organised style. Some items are just less visually appealing and should be kept shut behind non-transparent, closed-door cabinets while other spaces in your kitchen might be specifically designed for a certain appliance. Your designer will be able to help you choose what features to implement in order to cater to your kitchen design tastes.

The very idea of clutter is not limited to physical items that take up space in your kitchen. The styles you choose can easily create a cluttered look or even create areas of your kitchen that accumulate needless clutter because of ineffective design. One example is the ever-popular material stainless steel. While giving all your appliances a shiny, chromed out, modern feel, too much stainless steel can leave your kitchen feeling soulless and sterile. You are not building an industrial grade food factory, you don’t want to take away the soul of your home with literally too much of a good thing.

Other more subtle design choices can create a cluttered look as well. Many an overzealous, would-be tile designer has added features to a kitchen’s tile design that will simply overpower the whole room creating an uncomfortable room to look upon. Busy kitchen tile patterns and features should be well balanced with smooth colours and contours and only used in appropriate situations.

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