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To get an extractor fan or not to get an extractor fan – this is just one of the questions that you will have to consider when approaching your kitchen design or renovation project. Whether you’re planning to undertake a small renovation project in your kitchen, or are thinking of a full-refit and redesign, it is worth considering whether an extractor hood should be part of your renovation. Read More

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Extractor hoods fulfil a practical role in the kitchen, helping to remove steam and prevent condensation, as well as minimising those inevitable smells of cooking. Given their importance, you will need to consider what type of extractor fan will suit your requirements. At the outset, the physical parameters of your kitchen may dictate the type of extractor hood to be used. If you have no exterior wall available for the ducting required to extract the air for example, a system that recirculates rather than removes the air will be required. In addition, budget has to be a consideration as large extractor hoods with glass, metal, lights and so on, will have a greater cost.

The space involved also has to be well-thought-out, and if space is limited, the best options would be built-in cooker hoods that fit between kitchen units, free-standing hoods that attach to the wall directly above the cooker or hob, or for a more discreet option, an integrated unit is a good choice. It should be borne in mind that those options are typically less powerful than the larger free-standing or island cooker hoods.

Of course the latter two options can allow extractor hoods to become a main feature of kitchens in Kooyong, as well as offering powerful extraction too. A chimney cooker hood built against an exterior wall can incorporate a canopy with an attractive funnel, and comprise stainless steel or glass and can have built in lighting. Where there is an island unit and a roomy kitchen, an extractor hood located above the unit can be an architectural feature that greatly enhances the kitchen space.

All of those considerations aside, do also think about the kind of filter that makes sense for you, as it’s the filter that captures the grease and dirt. As all kitchen builders in Kooyong will attest to, a metal filter is easy to remove, and is dishwasher-friendly, while paper or material (fleece) filters have to be replaced regularly.

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