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Life is all about the little things. Just like your kitchen. It is the many little things about your kitchen that make it great. Or maybe it is the lack of all the little things that is making you consider kitchens in Oakleigh. When you are considering a kitchen renovation, every little thing is important. Every detail, however seemingly minor, is important to consider when you have the rare opportunity to do everything over from scratch. Actually it is a big advantage in the way that you have already had a chance to experience the current dynamics of your kitchen and how they affect the rest of your house. Read More

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One of the top complaints homeowners have about their dated kitchen is the outlets or lack thereof. Not having enough outlets will not only be an inconvenience, it will hold your kitchen back in terms of efficiency and usability. Everything you regularly use and love in life requires power. From charging up your mobile phone to the countertop appliances you use daily and more infrequently, your kitchen requires plenty of outlets placed strategically in order to maintain its effectuality. Conversely, having enough outlets but having some or all of them placed improperly, can have just as detrimental an effect as not having enough in the first place.

With so many design and colour choices to make, the easiest thing to forget about is the trash. You can easily forget about trash bin placement with the many layout considerations involved in a total kitchen renovation. Hopefully, your kitchen designers in Oakleigh are savvy enough to effectively incorporate your trash solutions into your new kitchen. While there are some great in cabinet trash solutions out there nowadays, some people just can’t handle having trash inside their cabinets. Another consideration is that there will be a lot of extra time spent sorting your different types of trash to effectively combat the usual unpleasantness associated with in cabinet trash bins. Going over all the pros and cons of all the solutions out there will help you decide what is right for your kitchen.

While not wanting to overdo it is a noble and true pursuit with your kitchen design, going too subtle can also leave your new kitchen feeling drab and dull. You can still keep the contemporary designs and colours you have always wanted while also incorporating some fresh, colourful details integrated into key design features. Some bright coloured stools or light fixtures can sometimes be enough to turn a kitchen stuck in a world of dull into a bright and modern marvel that never fails to up the mood.

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At Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms we understand that your kitchen or bathroom design and renovation is an important investment for you, so quality and attention to detail are absolutely paramount.

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