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When you are looking for kitchens in Surrey Hills, the thing you may easily overlook is designers. A builder is only as good as his sense for design, or in many cases, his designers themselves. After all, the most important aspect of your kitchen is the design. When you think about kitchen design what you really want to consider is the overall layout. There are several questions you need to ask about the current layout of your kitchen in order to determine if any layout changes may be necessary. Read More

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First and foremost is the question of counter space. Even a relatively spacious kitchen can have limited counter space if design concepts such as islands, peninsulas, and even improperly placed appliances are improperly incorporated into the layout. You may not even question the functionality of it all until a professional designer comes in to evaluate your current layout. It may even be that everything is working out for you just fine because you are so used to the layout in your own house. The fact is though, there may be a different layout for your kitchen that not only makes the room more effective to use, but also makes your whole house just flow better.

The kitchen is typically centrally located in the house with connections to more than one other room or hallway. As such, you want the system of egress to flow as smoothly and naturally as possible. It is possible that many of the same houses around you were built at the same time and by the same builder. As such, it is also possible that all the houses in the area share the same merits and flaws. This is why it is important to choose designers and kitchen builders in Surrey Hills that have a familiarity with kitchen renovations in the area. They will already know about the pitfalls and design flaws they might run into.

Kitchen design and construction skills, while being separate skillsets, are often shared amongst professionals who specialise in one or the other. Quite often you might see a builder with a separate design team. Whether they are separate or the same person one thing remains constant, the importance that they recognize how a kitchen should be laid out. Kitchen designers in the Surrey Hills area with a familiarity with its many neighbourhoods will be able to pinpoint any weaknesses in your kitchen’s layout in order to make constructive suggestions on the different options that you have for your renovation project.

Under the guidance of your professional designer, you will be presented with a few relatively simple choices that will determine the scope of your project. And under the watchful eye of your builder, you will get the end result you set out for: your dream kitchen.

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At Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms we understand that your kitchen or bathroom design and renovation is an important investment for you, so quality and attention to detail are absolutely paramount.

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