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If you are considering remodelling your kitchen – whether it’s an extensive kitchen renovation or just some small changes – upgrading your appliances may be top of your requirements. A fridge freezer is an important part of any kitchen, from both a functional and aesthetic point of view. Remodelling or upgrading your kitchen can be the ideal opportunity to make an investment in a fridge freezer that will enhance your kitchen, and provide you with the level of functionality you require. Given that a fridge freezer can be a significant investment, you’ll need to be sure it’s what you want, and will last. Read More

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Many modern large kitchens make a feature of a large American-style fridge freezer, otherwise known as side-by-side or French door fridge freezer. These do work very well in a large space and make for a very contemporary, almost professional-looking kitchen. In addition of course, they do provide very good storage space, and would suit the needs of families, foodies, and all kitchen fashionistas!

Free-standing fridge freezers can provide a very stylish and practical solution also. Many models are designed to give a unique retro feel, while also giving the storage and features of the larger American style option. This choice also gives great flexibility allowing for the fridge to be easily moved and relocated, while also coming in a greater range of sizes to facilitate any kitchen layout or space.

If you prefer a more seamless look to your kitchen, an integrated fridge freezer may be the most appropriate option. This allows your fridge freezer to sit behind your unit doors, and allows for an unbroken feel in kitchens in Toorak and beyond. The only minor drawback with this option is that the choice is somewhat more limited in terms of product choice. Also the dimensions of your cabinets and doors will require careful planning to allow such integration.

Whatever option is your preference, it definitely makes sense to think in advance about the type of fridge freezer you think might suit. This will allow the design to incorporate whatever that choice is. Additionally, as is the case with all aspects of kitchen renovations, you should not underestimate the opinion of the professional kitchen designers in Toorak and your local area.

Ultimate Kitchens is a long-established kitchen and bathroom design and renovation company with showrooms in Hawthorn East, Melbourne. For further information about what our kitchen builders in Toorak can do for you, please call into our showrooms at Hawthorne East or give us a call today on 03 9882 4103.

At Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms we understand that your kitchen or bathroom design and renovation is an important investment for you, so quality and attention to detail are absolutely paramount.

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