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Hamptons Style Kitchens

The perfect Hamptons style kitchen conjures up images of elegant beach houses where people spend time relaxing and having fun.

Hamptons Style Kitchens

Inspired by the homes in the refined district of the same name on Long Island, New York, the Hamptons style represents coastal living at its best, with ‘natural’ being the order of the day.

The whole look of a Hampton style kitchen involves classical styling mixed with natural materials and lots of natural light.

Creating Hampton Style with a classic Hamptons kitchen

To create the classic Hampton style you need to think about the overall design. You want a classical look, with light colours and natural woods.

Features such as pitched ceilings and exposed beams will all add to the traditional styling, together with wooden floors, pale colours and, perhaps the most essential ingredient, lots of light.

One of the easiest ways to inject Hamptons style into your kitchen design is to opt for white cabinetry. It’s the perfect colour for reflecting light and showing off the relaxed lines of the units.

White can also be incorporated into the overall design with marble bench tops, paintwork, window frames and lighting.

Choosing pale wood for the floor is also a good option, although you may want to consider a contrast to white kitchen cabinetry by choosing a dark wood floor.

Traditional Hampton kitchen cabinetry

Traditionally, Hampton style furniture was constructed with a frame around the panel; very similar, if not identical, in design to Shaker style units. The solid look and clean lines of this type of design are very typical of the Hampton style.

While most people opt for white or off-white cabinetry, pale blues, greens or grey painted wood offers an interesting but subtle alternative and, as these colours reflect the colours of the sea, they work particularly well in coastal houses.

Choosing your benchtops

Many Hampton kitchens sport sleek marble benchtops, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is marble a stunning natural material, but there are also masses of colours and patterns to choose from.

It’s also got a timeless quality that fits in well with the simple elegance of the Hamptons design. If you prefer wooden benchtops, you can choose either a pale wood finish to blend in with the units, or a darker wood to match a dark floor.

However, although wood is a beautiful material to use in the kitchen, make sure that its solid hardwood, as it’s more resistant to moisture and heat.

The finishing touches

Simple ceramic splashbacks provide timeless elegance, particularly if you choose classic subway tiles. And don’t forget some large over-sized pendants, for the characteristic Hamptons look.

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Amazing Hamptons Design Kitchens in Melbourne

The kitchen is the heart of every home, or at least it should be. Ideally, the kitchen should be simultaneously comforting and inspiring, and it is with this in mind that the Hamptons style kitchen was created.

Not everyone can afford to own a beach house in the Hamptons, but a Hampton style kitchen in Melbourne is a realistically affordable option that will add value and character to your home. The distinctive Hamptons style is of course inspired by the kind of kitchen you would expect to find in a real beach house in the actual Hamptons district of Long Island.

The emphasis is on light colours, natural finishes, and plenty of open space. There is a sense of freedom in the Hamptons style, and this makes light work of any kitchen task you need to perform.

The design starts with the floor, which is normally just plain wood, for a simple and natural elegance. To this you add authentic Hamptons style furniture, which again is not especially ornate, but deliberately kept simple and understated.

The Beauty of Hamptons Kitchens

One of the hallmarks of true wealth is that it isn’t flaunted. This is why the Hamptons kitchen avoids being too ornate or ostentatious.

Instead, this style exudes class by virtue of its simple practicality. Pale colours, or more usually white, are essential for authenticity. Light and space are always the primary features of a Hamptons style kitchen, and these colour choices quite literally reflect that.

To be truly authentic to the style, you’ll want to keep contrast to a minimum.

Hamptons Kitchen: Style and Practicality

Traditionally every surface was made from wood, but there’s no denying the greater practicality and durability afforded by marble for counter tops. As long as you’re careful to choose the lightest shade you can find, you can probably get away with using marble and not detract too much from the overall authenticity of the look.

Probably the best thing about the design of a Hamptons style kitchen is that it’s so simple and basic that it’s actually quite difficult to get it wrong. No other classic design is as easy to put together, or as versatile. It is the perfect conjunction of aesthetics and utility, resulting in a kitchen that provides true pleasure and boundless freedom.

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The Hamptons style embraces the juxtaposition of modern amenities next to the natural tones and textures of the countryside landscape. It is the celebration of a relaxed lifestyle that reflects your holiday mood. Coastal and casual, the Hamptons style kitchen was originally inspired by the group of villages called Hamptons near New York and these designs have captivated the world since then.

Hampton’s style kitchen

Hampton’s kitchens are meant to keep your space bright and are reminiscent of the days spent by the beaches where ample of light peep in through windows and galleries.

Breezy, spacious and embracing hallmark of the Hamptons kitchen is ideal for the families living by the coastal areas. Also, the sophisticated old world charm of this style is becoming increasingly popular for anyone who prioritizes a casual and classy style. The Hamptons kitchen is gaining popularity due to its perfect blend of both grace and style.

Hamptons Bathroom

Hampton’s bathrooms are classic, elegant, timeless and customizable. A new look can be achieved just with the addition of coloured towels and bathroom accessories. Some common elements of the Hamptons bathroom include:

1) Subway tiles

2) Marbles

3) Vanity

4) Sconce lighting

5) Wall paneling

6) Neutral colours

7) Tape ware

Furniture based on Hampton style

Hamptons style furniture comes in an exquisite range of quality tables, chairs, furniture and decorating accessories that give a vibrant and enchanting look to your interiors. These types of furniture and accessories have a casual elegance and look comfortable and relaxed. Furniture style may include French provisional pieces in light timber stains or painted finishes as well as the natural look of vintage rattans in soft beige and grey.

Hampton’s style in a nutshell

Hampton’s style, in a nutshell, refers to relaxed living spaces that carry a sophisticated look.

Go for Hampton’s style kitchens and bathrooms and your home will contain plenty of white wood and neutral paintwork together with crisp white and beige cotton and linen fabrics.

What should be kept in mind before remodeling to Hamptons style

To create the classic Hamptons style all you need to think about is the overall design as you want a classic look, with light colours and natural woods.

Two key features that are to be considered while opting for the Hampton’s style:

1) Go all the way for Hamptons or give up now! It’s all about creating the style throughout your home and not just as a theme that you create only for your living room. Don’t combine with other styles in your home as Hamptons is not just a theme but a complete lifestyle. It’s also important to have lots of natural daylight in your home.

2) Invest in high-end items as the Hamptons style originates from the upper-class elite.

One focal point all Hamptons styled homes have is its dramatic entrance. Similarly, Hampton’s style kitchens and bathrooms also focus on making the first impression. Don’t even think twice before implementing these designs in your bathrooms and kitchens as they are meant to leave an everlasting impression on your friends and guests. Please visit our showroom for more information on Hampton’s style kitchens and Hampton’s bathrooms.

At Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms we understand that your kitchen or bathroom design and renovation is an important investment for you, so quality and attention to detail are absolutely paramount.

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