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One of the common requests we receive at Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms, is a better design outcome for smaller bathrooms. Whether you are situated in an apartment or unit setting, or an older home with confined spaces, we design and renovate for all scenarios. Often the focus is to achieve a more spacious feel, without compromising on the facilities, but in some instances, this may be the only choice.


Planning is essential when designing any bathroom, and our professional team of designers have the expertise to reimagine your room and create your “ultimate “bathroom. With a smart layout, your compact room can still be highly functional. Sometimes just relocating the entrance door or swapping around the position of a toilet, basin or shower can improve the functionality of the bathroom.


Design details are key aspects to the overall feel of the bathroom too. By using large format tiles, or the same tile for the floor and walls, you can create a visual difference to the space as well. Natural light can be a contributing factor to the overall feel of a small space and whilst your bathroom may not be positioned on an external wall, a skylight may be a suitable option, or an effectively placed mirror. A general guide would be to use lighter shades or softer finishes to create that airy aspect.


With the advances in bathroom design, there are increasingly more choices to negate the feel of a smaller bathroom. One idea is to opt for a floating vanity (a wall hung look) which will immediately open the space. At Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms we custom design your vanity, by measuring your space and providing tailored storage solutions, an important consideration in the scenario of small space. Drawers are the best choice for accessibility to all your bathing and beauty needs, along with hair dryers, electric shavers etc. These accessories can also be compartmentalised with drawer inserts, as part of our bespoke design service. Rather than installing a shower enclosure with a separate base, a fully frameless shower with a seamless tiled floor will offer a more spacious appeal. In keeping with this theme, a tiled niche or shelf built into the wall cavity, eliminates the need for any unnecessary shelving accessories being added after market, ensuring you ample elbow room, when showering along with a display space for all your favourite shampoos and lotions.


The best investment in a bathroom renovation will be a full scope service, with both custom design and project management, like we offer at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms. An experienced designer can think creatively about how to enhance the spatial aspects for your new bathroom. They will prepare a full proposal including a floor plan and 3D concepts, along with a Scope of Works outlining the range of fittings and finishes included in the project and listing the range of trades involved.


Lighting is one of those components, that homeowners do not always think of when renovating their bathroom but can be the key difference to the final design outcome. When it comes to applying makeup or even for night lighting in an ensuite setting, LED lighting can be introduced behind mirrors or concealed within cabinetry. Our designers will ensure these key design details are included in your concept, so you can ultimately enjoy your bathroom, whether its preparing for a busy day, rejuvenating at the end of a long week or just having a beautiful space that presents well to guests. Using a designer also has the other advantage of knowing ahead of time what the total cost will be, so that there are no nasty surprises.

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Small bathroom makeovers pose a challenge but certainly not an insurmountable one. The trick is to create a smart layout that works well, despite the compact space. Sometimes just moving the entry door or swapping around the positions of toilets, basins and shower can make the room function so much better.

Perhaps a bath can be swapped for a walk in shower to create a more open feel to the room; and having a frameless shower screen also opens up a bathroom. Large tiles also give the illusion of more space; and the clever use of lighting can make all the difference.

In some cases, the bathroom can actually gain space from an adjacent room by rearranging internal walls. An experienced Designer such as those at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms can come up with solutions in this area that you might not have considered. Small bathroom make overs really are a project that particularly benefits from the wisdom and creativity of a specialised Designer.

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Perhaps you might end up being one of the lucky folk who can enjoy the benefit and luxe of a large bathroom; but even if that's not possible with your home, at the very least let the experience bathroom renovations and design team at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms create a stylish and highly functional bathroom that makes its everyday use a real pleasure.

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