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Nothing softens the feel of a kitchen like the touch of wood. Timber kitchens are the preferred choices for 2018. It gives your home a homelier feel when compared to finishes like concrete or tiles.With it heavenly finish, the installation of a generous amount of timber in your kitchen will not be disappointing. You can install it on floors, bench tops, was or even on all the surfaces of your kitchen area.

Types of Timber Kitchen Design

There are many designs to choose from timber kitchens.

Cherrywood is characterized by the slight red undertone it has, but it is also available in colors varying from white to rich brown.

Maple wood has a predominately white finish. On occasion, you can get these on a reddish-brown finish.

Oakwood has a grainy pattern finish with colors ranging from white to a reddish tone or pink. There may be some mineral deposits in the timber and might cause some green, black or even yellow streaks.

Timber Kitchen

Alder wood has an even texture available in light brown or a reddish finish.

Hickory wood range from white to blond to reddish brown and finally dark brown. It has a natural contrast in appearance.

Birchwood provides a smooth surface finish. The color varies from white to creamy yellow to reddish brown to dark brown.

Walnut wood has a smooth grain texture that ranges from dark chocolate to a reddish gray, reddish brown.

Pecan wood will give a dramatic finish. Its color varies from white to reddish brown to dark brown.

Maintenance Tips

Timber finishes will always be a favorite for contemporary kitchen renovations. It is essential that you take special care and maintain the finish properly. The installation is the first step. You should ensure that the installation is sealed to ensure no moisture gets between them.

Any spills on the timber should be cleaned up immediately, especially spills from hot sources. You should never use abrasive cleaners or cleaning pads on the finished surface.


  • The finish and aesthetics of timber kitchens are beautiful.
  • There are varieties of finish types for you to choose from and is it almost a definite you will find a finish for you regardless of your preference.
  • Timber kitchens are durable and also very easy to repair with some wood filers and wax.
  • It is easy to design them to compliment your home décor.
  • You can paint the timber to suit any redesign of your kitchen.


  • Timber kitchens are more expensive to install.
  • Custom designs are more challenging to design and install.
  • The job will take a while longer to complete.
  • The timber will warp after time with thanks to expansion and contraction due to the changes in humidity.
  • Without the right cleaning products, they are difficult to clean and easily damage if an abrasive cleanser is used.


There is not a specific price for timber kitchen. They vary in price with designs and finishes. The average cost is approximately $40 per square foot.  As a homeowner, you might end up spending between $30 and $60 per square foot.

The edging process will cost an additional $10 per square foot and staining the installation will cost an extra $20 per square foot. In total, you could spend between $70 per square foot to get the job done. There are some materials can cost in the range of $70 to $150 per square foot, and this will significantly increase the price.


Although it might be a bit costlier to install, timber kitchens are the most beautiful finishes. With the proper care, they will last a long time. There are easy to repair and renovate. This is the best type of material to renovate your kitchen.

At Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms we understand that your kitchen or bathroom design and renovation is an important investment for you, so quality and attention to detail are absolutely paramount.


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