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Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms only became a standard fixture in new housing after the First World War. Before that, it was the outhouse – come rain or shine! For the last century bathrooms, although thankfully inside the home, have been regarded largely as a room of practicality. It’s only in recent times that we have come to want our bathrooms to be places of sanctuary and calm in which we can rejuvenate and relax. Hence the resurgence of gorgeous free standing baths, large walk in showers with rainfall shower heads, and stylish vanity basins that are as much aesthetic pieces as functional ones.Of course not everyone has the space or the budget to afford all these luxuries, but with clever design anyone’s bathroom can potentially be transformed to a place of serenity that looks beautiful and functions like a dream.

Bathroom Renovation Melbourne

Investing in a specialised Melbourne bathroom renovation company like Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms means you get access to designers who know bathrooms inside out. With the huge array of choices in fixtures, tiles and design features, not to mention layout possibilities, the task of creating your ideal bathroom can be made so much easier.

The bathroom renovation itself is also made less stressful, as we can book, schedule and oversee all the required trades. Some people are surprised to learn that bathrooms take longer than kitchens to renovate, both because there are more trades involved and because down times are needed between some stages for the drying of the waterproofing material as well as the tile adhesion and grout. Being without a bathroom for several weeks is stressful enough in itself, without also worrying about project managing the process yourself. So let us do that for you.

Many companies offer bathroom renovations in Melbourne so make sure you do your research and opt for a company that has proven design experience and that offers the peace of mind of warranties, Certificates of Compliance (for waterproofing, electrical and plumbing work) and fully qualified and experienced tradespeople.

Call us at Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms or visit our display showroom for a chat about your bathroom renovation needs and let us take the stress out of the whole process, so that all you have to do is enjoy the end result!

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Is it time to renovate your bathroom? Perhaps those leaky taps are driving you insane, perhaps those stain marks on your old tub make you feel less than clean after each bath or perhaps your bathroom just doesn’t suit your personal style any longer? Whatever the case may be, the team at Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms can get your bathroom or shower room revamped for you.  We have you covered whether you are looking for a simple, minimalistic style of bathroom, a purely functional bathroom or an incredibly luxurious bathing haven.

We have the skills and experience need to carry out everything from full renovations to a partial bathroom renovation, and can perform tasks like tile strip outs and retiling, bathtub replacement, shower replacement, toilet replacement and much more.  A few small changes in your bathroom can do wonders for your home and for bathroom functionality.

We can also fully transform your bathroom for you no matter how dull and out-of-date it may be.  Our expert designers use the latest design technology, and we are constantly working closely together with warehouses so we can provide you with all the latest trends, features, accessories and products for your bathroom.  Our team of experts can do complete bathroom renovations in Melbourne and will help you create a perfectly functional and great looking space no matter what type of modifications you are looking for.

It doesn’t matter if you like vintage or retro, modern and contemporary, or artistic and colourful.  We can work with any type of design trend that you prefer and will help you create a bathroom that suits your exact needs.  Our experts will evaluate your space and help you fit in everything you need and want, no matter how small or spacious your room may be.

Why use a professional for your bathroom modification?

It is always best to use a professional like Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms for your bathroom installation or revamp because of the following reasons;

  • Great designers to help you plan your bathroom
  • Access to the best modern bathroom ware at the most affordable prices
  • Reduced rates on items such as tiles, grout and more
  • Insight on all of the latest trends and styles
  • Experienced building teams to handle your upgrade
  • Brilliant service delivery
  • Quality installation of all fixtures such as tiles, tub, shower, sink and even cupboards.

Why you shouldn’t delay your bathroom project

If you are busy upgrading your home, then there are probably lots of areas that require quite a bit of attention.  The bathroom should be one of the first areas in your home that needs to be renovated because a great looking space not only makes you feel much better, but it gives you a great place to escape for a bit of me time or relaxation. What’s more, modern features make it much easier to maintain a hygienic bathroom environment, and with a great looking bathroom renovation none of your guests ever feel awkward when using your facilities.

At Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms we understand that your kitchen or bathroom design and renovation is an important investment for you, so quality and attention to detail are absolutely paramount.

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